3 months without a smartphone

Seeing the world without a filter
I wrote about my decision to give up my iPhone and how it felt one week later. Now I’ve had over three months without a smartphone.

First, I don’t regret the decision to give it up. I own the phone and have no contract. Most smartphones are purchased on contract so that you can properly compensate the carrier from whom you purchased the phone. Because we are planning to move out of the country sometime next year, I did not want to be forced to pay an early termination fee. Furthermore, I want to be a free-agent. If the carrier works for me, I’ll pay the monthly service fee. Otherwise I’m free to seek out another carrier.

The phone still won’t reliably connect to the Bluetooth hands-free system in my Prius V. If I want to use the phone hand-free, I have to power cycle it. Every time. It’s a huge nuisance.

The lack of a GPS is an occasional issue; but I have one in my car and when I’m traveling, I’m usually with someone who has a smartphone. I have no shame about leeching off their purchases!

Similarly, sometimes I just want to take a quick photo; but the camera on the dumbphone is grainy and doesn’t integrate with anything else that I use. No matter, someone can take the picture and email it to me.

Most importantly, I feel no compulsion to check email or any social media sites. When I have down-time, waiting in line at the store, I’m happy to watch and think.

Mostly, I feel more in-control. And the extra $60/month is not too bad, either.