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LaTeX tips

I’ve been writing some material in LaTeX recently. Months pass between my uses of LaTeX so I tend to forgot a lot of what I need to make it work for typesetting equations.

Table of contents using tocloft

The default table of contents is pretty bland. The indentation doesn’t look right to me. This question led me to the solution, tocloft which provides a means of controlling the typographic design of the Table of Contents, List of Figures, and List of Tables. The documentation is available.

Bracket and parenthesis size

Here’s a reference on the LaTeX markup for parenthesis and bracket sizes. I always forget how much manual control is needed for this kind of sizing when working with larger equations.

Showing subsections and below in ToC

I always forget to set the tocdepth and then wonder why the full section hierarchy doesn’t show up. Here’s how to do it:


Euler’s constant upright

Euler’s constant e is often written upright in math texts. There is no command in LaTeX for this constant. It was ‘\me’ but it’s deprecated. Now, you can use \mathrm{e} for an upright Euler’s constant.

Syntax highlighting in TexShop

This isn’t so much about LaTeX as it is about working in the TexShop editor. Here’s a way of changing the syntax highlighting using AppleScript.