Alan Duncan

Collaborative piano. Coach. Music theory & Audition recording

Alan Duncan, classically-trained pianist, experienced accompanist and chamber music collaborator.

I enjoy helping pre-college students prepare for performances, recitals and auditions. This involves meticulous preparation of the accompaniment, rehearsing to get everything just right, and a polished performance. With considerable experience in preparing high fidelity audio and video recordings, I’m also happy to work with students in preparing excellent audition submissions. Finally, I do make myself available to tutor music theory in preparation for examinations or simply to brush up on the geeky underpinnings of Western music.

Working with me

Recent articles that I have written

Jan 12, 2023
The shift from conscious to automatic must be purposeful A fluent performance requires that the technical problems be completely embedded in “muscle memory”; but the transition from conscious procedural execution to automatic performance must be approached purposefully.
Dec 23, 2022
The continuity rule explained Practicing through difficult spots is the key to seamless learning
Dec 18, 2022
Getting a passage up to tempo When I work with young players, I find that the tempo often varies depending on the difficulty. Here are some ideas about addressing that phenomenon.