Alan Duncan

Collaborative piano. Coach. Music theory & Audition recording


Posted at — Dec 21, 2022

Growing up in a musical family, my encounters with music were early and often. I still have the scar from a literal run-in with the piano as a toddler. Throughout my formative years, piano and organ were foundational in my life. While my career path was in medicine, I continued to give solo recitals during my medical training, and enjoyed numerous chamber collaborations with other advanced players. In short, I’ve continued to develop and practice my musical skills throughout my career.

When my daughter was old enough to take-up the violin, I began working with her full-time, diving headlong into understanding talent development and of course accompanying her for recitals, auditions, and recordings. Now that she’s off at music school, I’m focusing my efforts on helping other kids improve their craft through collaborative preparation with an experienced pianist. For me, this is a dream-come-true!

I strive for a meticulous approach to preparation. Rather than blending into the background, the role of the collaborative pianist, as I see it, is to help spur the developing player to new levels of ability by nudging, sometimes leading, and blending effectively. The whole should be greater than the sum of its parts.